Thursday, January 17, 2013

1 year-old photo shoot

As a parent of a first born you tend to get excited about everything and anything, and end up doing things that your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc... child will probably miss out on because they were just born at the wrong time in the wrong place.  In this case Ava went in for her third photo shoot in under a year, but every year we are in awe of the beautiful pictures and beautiful baby girl that we have.  Before I go on can I just say that our photographer, who has taken Ava's photos twice now, is super talented and has the most amazing outfits, backdrops, props, and skills out there.  She sent us a few "peeks" at the most recent shoot (which happened to be 3 hours long) and we are in love all over again.

(Don't ask me how she ends up posing in most of these pictures but she sure does seem to enjoy getting all girlied up and getting her pictures taken)
 (The yellow stool seemed to be her favorite, because she was just so happy to be on top of it)

 (Again with the adorable poses.)

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janie said...

what absolutely DARLING pictures!!
Thanks for posting them!
Love her and her parents!!