Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anniversary and Fun

It's all fun and games when these girls get together!  We decided that we would head to home depot on Labor Day and take a spin around in the old race car shopping cart.  Ava loved it as she kept trading back and forth between the passenger and driver seat (although both were technically driver's seats). We were really there looking for rugs and lumber to build a built in window seat.  It could be a good project to finish up but we are crossing our fingers that it looks good.  

We also had our 7th anniversary on August 18th.  We spent the night at the movie in these cool reclining lounge chairs.  We saw the butler which was pretty good, but we both agreed that the casting, except for the actually butler, was pretty bad.  We had a nice dinner at a local restaurant which was nice, and the manager even gave us a free dessert even though he didn't know it was our anniversary.  So all in all it was a very good night.

Ava is to the age where she realizes that clothes in the summer are hot and muggy and so she prefers to play outside without them.  But it's fine, it means less laundering/dirty clothes to be washed.  She continues to love the outdoors and prefers outside to inside.  She is super skinny which I think she gets from both of us, but she is super funny, which she obviously gets from Brandon.


Matt and Kristine said...

Hi Friends!
Happy anniversary! Woot woot to seven years! You guys look great!

Our Family said...

Hahah thanks Wolds! we are just trying to keep up with you and your beautiful family!

the girl said...

and her hair is beautiful....sometimes it feels like it had a life of its own!!!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

My Gracious she's cute!!! Happy Belated Anniversary.